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Our calendar regularly has availability if you are flexible with the date and time of a single show.
To request a slot for a one off show, please fill out THIS FORM
Someone will be in contact with you shortly after.

Scheduling a show at the Clubhouse

Thank you for your interest in booking a show at the Clubhouse! We are looking forward to you joining the line-up!

There is a waiting list, but it does move, so if you want your show to be put on the waitlist, please fill this out

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Your show will be considered in the order it is recieved, and based on your availability matching up with the availability on the schedule. Sometimes it moves faster than you’d think!!

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Lost & Found

The Clubhouse is community run. If you have lost something at the Clubhouse, please contact the team that runs the show you were at, they most likely have recovered your item and placed it in a safe place. If you are unsure of how to contact the team, please head to our submissions page for a link to their email.

Contacting Shows and classes

The shows and classes at the clubhouse are independent of the theater. If you need to contact one, please head to our submissions page for a link to their email. If there is no contact there, or for all classes, you may have to ask around the community for contact. The Underground Comedy Network group on Facebook is a good resource for searching out information like this. We do not have contact beyond what is listed on the site. Thanks!

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The Clubhouse is located at 1607 N. Vermont Ave.
between Jon's and Radio Shack.

The Clubhouse

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